Happy New Year and Merry Christmas 2024!
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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the coming 2024 year be happy and successful. Let it gives you energy, joy, self-confidence and good luck. Prosperity in all matters!
Best regards, VMG company.
26.12.2023 11:26
Multitec at LabelExpo exhibition in Brussels
Multitec's new flexographic printing press was demonstrated at LabelExpo exhibition in Brussels. The model is called S2, it has two servos per printing section, chilled cylinders, and can work with stretchable materials from 12 microns.
On June 27, Vneshmultigraph celebrated its 34th birthday. In 1989, the history of the enterprise, known today as one of the most reliable and responsible suppliers of printing and flexographic equipment for printing houses, began.

VMG Events

«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition
RosUpack exhibition attracts many professionals every year, but in 2023 it became special. Over the past year and a half, the industry had a lot of stress, it was necessary to make quick, effective and innovative decisions so that printing houses can fulfill their obligations before customers. Vneshmultigraph company took part in RosUpack-2023 exhibition and showed that it has successfully coped with the challenges of the time.
Visit to India to Multitec factory
In spring of 2023, specialists from Vneshmultigraph company visited Multitec factory. It manufactures printing equipment for printing premium labels and is considered one of the most modern and high-tech factories in its homeland.